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U.S. Events - Cooking/Lecture Tour

For over ten years now, I head to the U.S. in early February for my annual 6-week coast-to-coast lessons/lecture tour. And each year, I say to myself on my way back to Italy, "this tour was the best ever". I'm now setting out the itinerary for another memorable tour!

U.S. Cooking Classes

U.S. Lectures

2014 U.S. Tour - In the Making!

2013 U.S. Tour

2012 U.S. Tour

2011 U.S. Tour

2009/2010 U.S. Tours


U.S. Cooking Classes

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Cooking classes spark communication and interaction while we prepare and savor the irresistible flavors of Italy. My cooking classes draw people together, family, friends or work colleagues: they can highlight a milestone birthday, excel as an effective team-building event or enthuse school children as they learn about good flavors, healthy eating and nutrition.

Each class starts with a gathering, all of us seated as I introduce Umbria, Umbrian rural cuisine and the Mediterranean diet - and then our menu. As we go over the menus, I'll add a culinary "story" here, a cooking tip there and insights on the dishes we'll make together.

And then the fun begins!

Read more on my U.S. cooking classes: how to host, all rates - and more!

U.S. Lectures

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My lectures in the U.S. will entertain as they inform, unveiling the mysteries of the Italians for you.

My lecture subjects are varied: Italian gestures and contemporary Italy, rural life, festivities and folklore. Talks for school children bring special pleasure!

Read more about my U.S. Lectures

2014 U.S. Tour - In the Making!

What fun to "tour Umbria" with friends or family in your own home through savoring Umbria's flavors!

Read about - and see - good times in the 2013 U.S. cooking classes
Click here - for the 2013 U.S. cooking lessons/lectures tour itinerary

Save the airfare and bring "A Feast of Umbrian Rural Cooking" event to friends and family in February/March 2014.

Here is a tentative itinerary, though not yet finalized: other events welcome in other areas.

2014 U.S. Cooking Lessons/Lectures Tour Itinerary

Feb   6 to 22      - California

Feb 23 to 27      - Seattle, WA

Feb 28 to Mar 5 - Arizona

Mar   6 to 12      - Texas

Mar 13 to 17      - Chicago and Midwest

Mar 18 to 30      - East Coast (with NY, NJ, CT, PA, DC events welcome)


2013 U.S. Tour

The unforgettable 2013 coast-to-coast U.S. cooking lessons/lectures tour started in early February in southern California and from there, on to northern California. Arizona followed, with Denver close behind. Dallas, Texas was next on my tour route, followed by Madison, Wisconsin (I made it, inspite of the snowstorm!). On to Boston (arriving after the airport was re-opened following the snowfall) and then to Connnecticut. I cooked and lectured in New York before boarding the train for Pennsylvannia. Washington, D.C. was my last stop - with five cooking classes in the area. What a gran finale!

Can the 2014 U.S. tour match this amazing one? That will be a challenge - but I've already started the planning. Avanti!

Click here to read about - and see! - the bellissime 2013 cooking events.

Click here to read about my New York lecture.

And sorry if you missed out on any of the events below - and hope we can cook together next year!


2013 U.S. Cooking Lessons/Lectures Tour Itinerary

Feb     5 - fly to Los Angeles, CA
           6 - cooking class in Hidden Hills, CA - sold out
           9 - cooking class in Palos Verdes, CA - sold out
           10 - cooking class in Monarch Beach, CA - sold out

Feb     11 - fly to San Francisco
           12 - cooking class in Pacifica, CA - sold out
           14 - cooking class in Chico, CA - sold out
           19 - cooking class in San Francisco, CA - sold out

Feb     21 - fly to Arizona
           22 - cooking class in Scottsdale, AZ - sold out

Feb     24 - fly to Denver, Colorado
           25 - cooking class in Denver - sold out
           26 - cooking class in Denver - sold out
           28 - cooking class in Denver - sold out

Mar    1   - fly to Dallas, TX
           2   - cooking class in Dallas, TX - sold out
           3   - cooking class in Dallas, TX - sold out
           4   - cooking class in Dallas, TX - sold out

Mar    6 - fly to Wisconsin
           6 - evening cooking class in Madison, WI - sold out

Mar    8 - fly to Boston, MA
           9 - noontime cooking class in Millis, MA - sold out
           10 - afternoon cooking class in Stonington, CT - sold out

Mar    12 - head to NYC
           13 - cooking class in Laurel Hollow, NY - sold out
           14 - lecture at St. Joseph's College, Brooklyn, NY

Mar    15 - train to Paoli, PA to cook - sold out
           16 - cooking class in Lancaster, PA - sold out

Mar   17 - cooking class in Greensburg, PA - sold out

Mar    20 - cooking class in Bethesda, MD - sold out
           22 - cooking class in D.C. - sold out
           23 - lunchtime cooking class in D.C. - sold out
           23 - evening cooking class in Silver Spring, MD - sold out
         24 - cooking class in D.C. at noon - sold out
           26 - Fly to Rome and then to casa dolce casa

Click here for information, rates on my U.S. cooking classes
Click here for information, rates on my lectures

2012 U.S. Tour

My 2012 U.S. cooking classes/lectures tour was unforgettable!

Mille grazie to each of you who helped to make this tour such a joy! Thanks to all who attended my lectures and to those who welcomed me into your homes for wondrous cooking events. Many thanks, too, for those who so enthusiastically participated in the creation of our Umbrian feasts. ...and what a full itinerary it was!

Feel free to contact me for more information on the 2013 tour. Mille grazie!

2011 U.S. Tour

My February/March 2011 U.S. tour opened in Los Angeles (I always start on the West Coast now - after a record snowstorm in early February in Washington, D.C. years ago! I made it out and on to my next class on time... just barely. No more starting on the East Coast!). Seattle, Portland (OR) and then the San Francisco Bay Area followed. I enjoyed not only the reunions at cooking classes with former tour guests and University of Santa Clara friends but also with our son, now living in the Bay Area. On to Phoenix for multiple events and then a pause in Tucson to visit old family friends. Houston was my next stop, followed by Chicago - with a detour to Wisconsin to visit friends and family. Boston area cooking classes reunited me with cousins and aunts as well as old friends from Rome jr-yr-abroad days - and UC-Berkeley days. I lectured at MIT and also in Hyannis, then visited family in western Massachusetts before my gran finale days in Washington, D.C. Full days, fulfilling days - che bello!

My blog has all the stories on these memorable events!

2009/2010 U.S. Tours

I have been cooking and lecturing in the U.S. since 1998. Every single U.S. tour has been a most memorable one for me. Enjoy highlights of my most recent tours:

2010 U.S. Tour
2009 U.S. Tour


Cooking Classes in the U.S.

"Anne, I got tons of WONDERFUL comments and lots of thank-you notes about our evening together. Everyone had a ball and it is a night that I will never forget! And, such a fabulous bonus, was getting to spend quality time with YOU! YEAH! It was so much fun! You are a treasure, and I am blessed to have had the opportunity to have you in my home."
Becky Terry, Atlanta, GA

"On one of Anne's recent tours to the US she came through Santa Fe, NM, and my friends and I were privileged to have Anne provide a private cooking lesson for us in my home. We can all certainly attest to her artistry as a chef and to her ability to make learning un tempo fantastico! (a fantastic time)! Many a glass was raised to Anne throughout the scrumptious Umbrian feast she'd helped us all to prepare."
Jennifer Walters, Laguna Beach, CA

Lectures in the U.S.

"The response to Anne Robichaud's lecture "Italians Hands On" puts hands together with enthusiastic applause from her audience. Anne presents the perfect balance of information, insight, and humor to entrance her listeners. People are already asking me when she will be back. I tell them to go to Italy and ask her! Her tours are worth the trip."
Dr. Michelle C. Toohey, Greensburg, PA

"Anne Robichaud's lectures bring great wit, wisdom, energy and information to her audience. Her expertise on Italian food, culture, and history bring extra value to any travel experience."
Ann Murrah, Winter Park, FL

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